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We are excited to announce that this year, Cobb Hebrew School will be implementing the CAP IT!® Learn to Read Hebrew program for our 2nd and 3rd grade students.

We are confident that your child will enjoy every minute, and learn to read in record time. Our programs are multi-sensory, and are based on the latest research on reading and child development. The CAP IT!® curriculum has many components. Our program teaches how to read through toys which we call Tactile Visual Mnemonics. These toys serve as memory aids, helping the student retain the sound.

A key component of CAP IT!® is the Power Cards. These 630 flash cards contain every single sound combination in the Hebrew language, with the English transliteration on the back of the card. They are also numbered and marked for each lesson.

We will be having a parent meeting at the beginning of the school year to go through all the CAP IT! components and how parent involvement is crucial in your child's progression of CAP IT! Hebrew reading.