In response to the growing need to provide easy, affordable access to Jewish education, Cobb Hebrew School is offering one year of free tuition for Hebrew School Kindergarten.

“There is no doubt that the earlier children are engaged and involved in Jewish education, the greater the impact and long term positive effects there are for the child. In many cases, families hesitate to begin formal Jewish education at younger ages due to financial challenges. We hope that this free Kindergarten program will encourage families to begin their children’s education early on.” says Rabbi Ephraim Silverman of Chabad of Cobb.

Chabad of Cobb does not require any synagogue membership for enrollment in Hebrew School. Cobb Hebrew School hours are Sundays, 9:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

At Cobb Hebrew School our goal is to convey a well rounded knowledge of Jewish tradition and values in a way that children find exciting and meaningful. Lessons are carefully planned according to each student’s level and incorporate games, art, songs, contests and more. Our qualified and devoted teachers ensure that every child has a positive learning experience. Our friendly and inclusive policy means every Jewish child is welcome, regardless of affiliation, religious observance or prior knowledge. Our diverse student body provides a setting where each child is comfortable and able to learn at a relaxed pace.

For more information contact the office via email at
[email protected] or call 770.565.4412